3 Hazard That Triggers Acne

3 Hazard That Triggers AcneAcne was not purely due to the skin surface covered with dirt, eating chocolate, or drinking soft drinks. Acne appears on the skin caused by the amount of oil produced under a layer of skin, dead skin cells, and also bacteria. The three things that cause inflammation in the skin surface, commonly known as pimples.

Oil glands begin stimulated when someone entered the age of puberty. This makes the person had acne during adolescence. In addition, acne is genetic, ie, if the parents your acne, then you have a tendency to acne as well. However, not impossible to prevent the occurrence of such inflammation. Here are 3 important things to do to keep you from that naughty little it:


If you use beauty products, such as lotions or makeup, choose products that ‘noncomedogenic’ and ‘nonacnegenic’ because the products will not clog the pores of the face. This certainly will reduce the risk of acne.


If you really need a hair spray or styling gel, be sure to keep it away from your face when using it. Most products for hair contains oils that can aggravate acne.


If you have acne on the back or chest, avoid using tight T-shirts that can cause irritation when rubbing against the skin. In addition, by using a loose shirt will make the pores of the skin to “breathe” so that the process of respiration, the body can be perfect.

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