3D technology on the iPad 2

Now that the iPad 2 have a front camera facing and capabilities processor mumpuni, there are many potential can be harnessed from the iPad 2. The 3D era now makes the researchers also want to display the 3D in the iPad 2.


3D technology on the iPad 2
Through the information we could from Tuaw.com we found that researchers had made the initial prototype and call the technology Head-Coupled perspective and as a result, as you see above in the image and on the video below can display representations of 3D on 2D screen that can be moved to follow the point of view as you view it.

As seen through a small window, the display will dynamically display the 3D effect is quite convincing. Remember all that you need for the technology in a front-facing camera is, then all the needs of hardware already available on the apple ipad 2 and iphone 4 later. We could see some 3D application interface that is smart enough to follow when tilting the device.

Currently this is only demo features 3D technology, but there is a possibility an application utilizing these technologies appeared in the near future. You can see a video demo of 3D on your iPad 2 here:


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