5 Simple Ways to Overcome of Difficulty Child Eating

5 Simple Ways to Overcome of Difficulty Child EatingRobert Fulghum said: “Everything Must I Know, I Learn in Kindergarten.” A recent study showed that signs of obesity can be known since kindergarten children sat on the bench. Behavioral Scientist, John Spence, of the University of Alberta in Canada said that the trend of overweight and obesity developed during the years of growth.
In that study, Spence and his team examined the attitude of a group of preschoolers aged 4 and 5 years of food in relation to body weight.

Then, the parents of these children were asked to observe whether their children liked the attitude or avoid food. Results showed that children who eat when you’re bored or afraid are more likely to be overweight and obese than those who eat slowly or who likes picking out food.

Is inevitable that the meal is a challenge for parents and caregivers of children. They tend to give any food desired by the children on the grounds that the child still want to eat. There is no denying that sweet cereals and other foods that contain preservatives and artificial flavorings are often the children’s favorite foods, but food does not conform with the food pyramid guidelines.

Therefore, the Female Network share info about the five simple ways for children accustomed to eating-healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, since childhood.

  • Give a good example

However, parents are most influential in the lives of children. Keep Kids Healthy stated that diet and food choices of children is strongly influenced by the food provided by their parents at home. For that, the best way to encourage children to eat healthy foods is to set a good example to them. Parents should be able to cite a healthy diet to their children.

  • Involve Your Children

Parents should not only serve any food desired by their children at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but they also must let the children have an active role in choosing the food they will consume. Registered choice of healthy food menu, then shopping, and prepare a meal together will help children learn that eating healthy foods was fun.

  • Choose healthy restaurants

Sticking to good eating habits, even if you’re eating outdoors is not really a difficult thing to do. Believe it or not, in fact there are many restaurants that provide healthy menus. Depending on the restaurant and the menu you select what you want to enjoy.

  • Give a good advice

Do not force – but give advice! An article from Science Daily says that the sale of the school canteen salad in the New York area to be three times greater when the canteen staff are offered the children whether they want a salad as a dessert or not. Well, you certainly can practice this at home by changing your tone becomes more gentle or by setting a good way of talking when offering food to children.

  • Camouflage

Some parents feel guilty when they deceive children by giving a mixture of vegetables in food without being noticed by their children. However, sometimes it is the only way that can be done so that their children will eat healthy food. So, do not hesitate to give a little mix of broccoli flowers on a cheese or giving a little fruit salad on the agar will be consumed by your child.

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