Aircell Introduces The World’s First Flight Of The Smartphone


Aircell Introduces The Worlds First Flight Of The Smartphone

The company focused on providing connectivity solutions in aviation or better known by the company Aircell, reportedly has just introduced its newest smartphone product fleet that would allow passengers of aircraft can make and receive calls when the flights took place. And the presence of the fleet of the latest product of this fleet besutan Aircell first smartphone in the world that specifically support it.The device named Smartphone Aircell is indeed designed specifically for business people who need to stay in touch even during the flight. And according to the author himself, this handset reportedly has been supported by the operating system Android though not definitely known information about the version of the platform. In addition, the handset also comes with menu-the menu is simple and intuitive. “The results of the industrial design and human factors, Smartphones represent the idea of tiered communication Aircell’s next generation. The device is able to provide to passengers exactly what they want the most crystal clear voice handsets, most unsightly and most easily use in flight “, says John Wade, Aircell Executive Vice President & General Manager, Business Aviation Services. “We have received tremendous response from all corners of the industry towards the achievement of this, and we look forward to memboyongnya to the market later this year”.

Aircell Introduces The Worlds First Flight Of The Smartphone

The most interesting is this phone allows a person can see the screen size 3.8 inches touchscreen, 3.5 mm audio jack, integrated Bluetooth with A2DP support, as well as exceptional sound quality even in conditions of service of any kind and is certainly thanks to the existence of the technology of water-to-ground.Aircell is reportedly going to Smartphone compatible with all of Aircell Axxess system communication that is currently still in production. The presence of the smartphone itself is intended to replace the handset to flush-mount that had existed before. In addition, this smartphone turns out to be fully compatible with next generation services Biz Voice be Gogo soon and intended for users with Internet services in flight (Gogo Inflight Internet) and optional voice, through the System 4000 and 5000 ATG ATG.

Aircell Introduces The Worlds First Flight Of The Smartphone

On availability and price, this latest Aircell smartphone reportedly planned a new soon to be released towards the end of 2011. While the price per unit so far unfortunately still have not been announced officially.


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