Alcoa Invents Self Cleaning Building

Alcoa Invents Self Cleaning Building

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Alcoa has developed building panels that not only clean themselves but the air around them as well.   I know this sounds like something out of the latest Sci-fi novel.  The panel are invisible to the naked and this technology gadget is based on a coating of titanium dioxide layered on top of silver paint.  Evidently, the titanium dioxide particles serve as a photo catalysts and when they are struck by the sun their electrons become charged and interact with the oxygen and water in the air.   The blending of these elements causes a release of free radicals and break down dirt and such on the surface of the panels.

Alcoa calls these magic panels “Reynbond with EcoClean”.   The company says the process works to clean pollutants in the surrounding air as well.  Alcoa has not said much about their secret sauce and they seem to be guarding it with the same vigor as the Colonel’s secret spices.  The company does say that the annual market for steel and aluminum panels is some 14 billion square feet.   Currently no other competitors have a competing offer for Reynobond with EcoClean.

Alcoa claims that 10,000 sq ft of EcoClean panels will absorb 5.9 pounds of nitrogen oxide a year, or about the equivalent of 5.3 automobiles pollution a year.   EcoClean panels will cost about 5% more than their traditional counterparts, a very small price to pay given the benefits of these panels.   In fact in Europe where the company has an undisclosed pilot project going on they are using the tag line “How much forest can I build?”

In theory this technology could be applied to many other surfaces such as cars. Maybe this technology will be a catylst for Shares of Alcoa (NYSE:AA).



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