AMD Bulldozer FX-Series will be released on June 7, 2011?

AMD Bulldozer FX Series will be released on June 7, 2011?Date of release of the AMD processor-based architecture of Bulldozer reportedly Zambezi has become a target for discussion and debate in these last few months. And following it, recently has appeared a slide show presentation that showed if CPU FX-series first besutan AMD will be launched on June 7, 2011 release.The slides themselves reportedly retrieved from a presentation that made the Gigabyte some time ago that revealed the details of the motherboard AM3 + besutannya and has been posted online by the official ATI-Forum on the bottom of the picture, there is a note stating the processor AMD FX-Series will be launched on June 7, 2011 to come during the exhibition Computex. And this is surely faster than information through previous mention if HardwareLuxx processor will be released on June 11, 2011.


Although this may only appear as a confirmation on the release date of the Zambezi, it turns out there are some things that are considered to be mistaken with the slide information, which is organizing the exhibition Computex will end on 4 June 2011, and this date means three days before the release date is mentioned in the document. In addition, the whole document seem impressed made in a hurry. There is a collection of pieces of different images and there is also a Gigabyte logo image with low resolution to make it all look a little more official.The term Zambezi is actually is a code name used by AMD for the high-performance desktop processor model based on Bulldozer architecture. This reportedly will take the Processor between four to eight core processing and memory support up to 8 MB Level 3 cache.Initially, AMD plans to release only four SKU and will display a second version of the Turbo Core technology, dual-channel integrated memory controller, and 1866MHz multiplier are open, since its presence as part of the Black Edition. This processor is built using 32nm manufacturing process and is compatible with all motherboards AM3 + or AM3 processors.


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