Apple’s new Thunderbolt Technology Promises New Gadgets

Apples new Thunderbolt Technology Promises New Gadgets


Brian Adams song about the Summer of 69, we think Steve Jobs will be singing about the Summer of Thunderbolt! has heard a lot about Apple’s I/O technology since it was first introduced in September of 2009 (dubbed Light Peak), but last month, Apple announced iMacs with up to two Thunderbolt ports.   This is sure to drive more innovation from the many peripheral manufactures who are attaching their stars to the mammoth success of Apple.

LaCie has announced an update to its Little Big Disk hard drive due out this summer.   Sonnet has announced the Allegro FW800 Thunderbolt Adapter, which allows FireWire 800 devices to be used on the new I/O port.  The Presto Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt Adapter adds a Gigabit Ethernet connection.  Promise Technology is using Thunderbolt for a line of Pegasus RAID drive enclosures.   Promise is also going to release a SANLink adapter that will give users a dual 4G Fibre Channel link and dual Thunderbolt ports, allowing users to take advantage of the technology’s inherit low latency when daisy-chaining devices.

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