BlackBerry OS 6.1 is present in unison with One Smartphone Only

BlackBerry OS 6.1 is present in unison with One Smartphone Only

Hope not everything can be realized so real. Such is the case with the RIM which was originally planned to launch a 4 or 5 smartphones at once along with the presence of BlackBerry OS 6.1 in areas of the Conference the BlackBerry World on May 3, 2011. In fact it’s too great expectations of what can be achieved. Circulated the news that the event would only be announced one new smartphone models only and will most likely be launched is the BlackBerry Bold smartphone latest Touch. Expected outputs of such mobile phone manufacturer from Canada will be marketed widely in the coming spring.

While the latest smartphone will be marketed to other new reportedly between June to September this year as well.Once the RIM itself is planning to launch a smartphone BlackBerry Bold Touch, BlackBerry Storm 2, BlackBerry new model as well as the Torch of the BlackBerry Curve Touch at the same time. But it seems it is only a plan that could not be implemented within the deadline.

Reportedly some of RIM’s smartphone output, already uses the processor speed 1 GHz, the addition of internal memory, the optimization of network connectivity and other features.Seems here that the smartphone competition getting tougher. Popping up rumors presence handset-latest handsets could be is how the manufacturers to make the consumer to curious and look forward to welcoming the latest smartphone-advanced smartphone, so it’s not dark eyes for as soon as possible to buy a smartphone that exist today. How ya specifications regarding the latest BlackBerry will present early next may? We just wait.


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