Come Download Firefox 4 for Android & Maemo With full features


Come Download Firefox 4 for Android & Maemo With full features


The team behind the popular Firefox browser desktop has just announced the availability of Firefox 4 browser for Android. This application makes the leap from the release candidate to final version in just one week.  According to Mozilla, Firefox 4 to three times faster than existing WebKit based browsers on all Android smartphone.  Additional improvements include JavaScript Engine to TraceMonkey JIT and interpreter SpiderMonkey that makes Web pages load faster.


In addition, the mobile browser built on the same technology platform with the desktop version. However, this application does not support Flash at launch.  “For us, HTML5 and Web video open standards are the most important right now,” said Thomas Arend, principal product manager, Mozilla. “Flash is a reality, though – I am aware that it exists and it will be around for a while – so we will definitely look into it and will see again to enable the Flash plugin in versions to come.”


As expected, Firefox 4 supports multi-tabbed browsing, as well as the addition of add on. In addition, enhance existing features such as CSS, Canvas and SVG, allows developers to create feature-rich web pages.


Support HTML5 in Firefox for Android includes browsing with the introduction of the location, the orientation of the device, accelerometer and a desktop notification.


Another interesting feature offered by Firefox 4 is the option to synchronise your Android phone with a computer desktop. With Firefox Sync, users will have access to the browsing history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data across multiple computers and mobile devices with encryption secure end-to-end.


Important other than the mobile browser include: ability to save any Web page to PDF, any web sites sharing through applications such as email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and more, as well as the possibility to Customize Your own search engine list.


Firefox 4 is available for download from the Android Market and is compatible with all devices running the Android OS 2.0 or later.


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