Explore the United Kingdom’s Royal Wedding Procession from Google Maps In 3D models!


Explore the United Kingdoms Royal Wedding Procession from Google Maps In 3D models!


As the wedding procession will be proccessing by United Kingdom between Prince Willian and Kate Middleton is touted as the biggest wedding receptions and teragung this year, seems to be no escape from the attention and roles as well as Google as the largest internet service provider in the world. The reason for supporting the smooth running of the 2003 greatest, reportedly Google through the Google Earth her specifically provide a replica model 3D floor plan the location of the Kingdom of the United Kingdom based in London with all the details.If you have installed Google Earth or Earth plugin, you can explore around London as you please and check all the sites. But if you want a site that accurately from the actual procession, you can access it through http://maps.google.com/royalwedding.

To access it, You will find a detailed map of the floor plan of the building where the procession will be held.And if You can’t access Google Earth right now, You can see the video herein.Previously Google has also added quite a lot of new 3D data data to Earth specifically for the London area. Not only all the buildings in the area is modeled in detail, even the trees lining the streets and parks have also been created.The tree is a relatively new addition to Google Earth. Features of this tree has been around since version 6. So far Google has added 12,000 trees specifically for the London area alone, but already there are 80 million trees in Google Earth when the feature is released.


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