Does Windows Phone 7 Without Firefox Mobile?


Does Windows Phone 7 Without Firefox Mobile?


Operating system Windows Phone 7 mobile besutan software giant Microsoft has just launched in the past year, appears to be set only for browser kebanggaannya just so far. And this doesn’t seem to apply to the existence of Firefox Mobile. over the past year of launch, Microsoft is reportedly planning to provide application mobile browser Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) to the users of the Windows Phone 7. But of what will be done by Microsoft it, shouldn’t be so IE9 is only the latest browsers that would be in harmony with the Windows Phone 7 platform.Although many users may expect in Mozilla Firefox could also be in harmony with existence of Windows Phone 7, but it is likely small once or even nothing at all it seems. Plus more recently MIcrosoft’s Party has also been confirmed if it is not planning to make that step.

According to an article on the OnSoftware blog, Jay Sullivan, who served as VP of Products at the Mozilla Corporation also explained that so far there is no Firefox Mobile will be planned for Microsoft’s mobile platform besutan future. “Currently we are focusing on Android in terms of browsers “, says Jay Sullivan.”For other platforms We do things like Firefox Home, so you can run any browser and get Your Firefox data. We do not intend to bring Firefox mobile to Windows Phone 7 for the moment “.Last week, Mozilla has just released the final version of Firefox mobile browser for Google’s Android operating system. And the browser is reportedly also can be downloaded and installed on the device running under Maemo (Nokia N900 mobile phone, to be more precise).

The Mozilla seems to be set to enhance the capabilities of their mobile to offer to its users, along with all the features and Add-ons are available to applications is the proof. The application is released with support for HTML 5, along with other features like the Awesome Bar, Firefox Sync support, and much more.Nevertheless, so far unfortunately nothing will make him biting in the presence of Windows Phone 7 platform. Yes, it’s shocking, isn’t it!

Meanwhile, another is the case with mobile applications the Microsoft IE browser pride of Internet Explorer 9. With the support of HTML 5, integrated with Silverlight and some other additional features, seems quite mumpuni to bring this to be able to browser the IE9 is in harmony with the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform in the near future.


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