Get Download Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Final Edition

Get Download Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Final EditionInternet Explorer (IE9) Final version now present and can be downloaded starting today since been released. With many improvements and changes in appearance from the previous version will make its users have an interesting experience when browsing

According to Microsoft, IE9 comes with a new force that is much better than before. IE9 also made to optimize the Windows Operating System 7, as well as Graphics Processing chip that can be visually presenting a video, game, graphics are good and satisfactory. IE9 also support for use of the HTML5 and UI improvements.

Microsoft also claims that popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Hulu, and Yahoo have to adapt their sites to IE9. Then Microsoft is also touting the security features IE9 better and have a strong filter against malware

IE9 first time attending last year with the beta release, and a total of up to Release Candidate was downloaded more than 40 million times oelh all users in the world. On the basis of these facts should be present IE9 become better in order to remain competitive with other browsers currently dominated by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Note : Internet Explorer 9 is only supported for Windows Vista Operating System and Windows 7

Download: IE9 for Windows 7 32-bit (Home)

Download: IE9 for Windows 7 64-bit (Home)

Download: IE9 for All Version

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