Enjoy 3D Video on YouTube with NVIDIA 3D Vision and Firefox 4

Enjoy 3D Video on YouTube with NVIDIA 3D Vision and Firefox 4For those of you who have a computer capable of displaying 3D using NVIDIA’S 3D Vision hardware, but ran out of 3D content for viewing or game to play, then your investment to feature 3D so useless. NVIDIA has just announced today that the user will be able to enjoy 3D YouTube channel in stereoscopic 3D with their NVIDIA 3D Vision hardware on a PC or notebook.

“We’re excited to introduce the HTML5 and WebM support on thousands of 3D video available on YouTube,” says Jonathan Huang, 3D Product Manager on YouTube. “By embracing open standards, users of NVIDIA 3D Vision is now a cool way to enjoy the facilities of the library of YouTube content 3D.”

For the moment the user should use Mozilla Firefox (version 4 or above) and use the driver NVIDIA GeForce 3D updated (version 275 or above) to experience the YouTube 3D video. For more information about how to view YouTube 3D, please go to the website 3Dvisionlive.

Funny Google Chrome is not mentioned in the announcement was considering YouTube is owned by Google, so maybe in the next update Google Chrome?

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