Gadget News: HTML5 Technology That Will Change Everything

HTML5 is gaining traction a year and a half after Steve Jobs endorsed it in a very unusual and pointed essay.  So what is HTML5?   HTML5 is a technology that allows Internet browsers to display images and effects that react to users’ actions, delivering game-like interaction without installing any additional software.   Perhaps even more significant is that developers can use HTML5 to run their stuff across platforms like Apple and Android without tailoring their applications for any particular hardware or online store.  This is significant as it stands to remove these gatekeepers from mobile commerce.   Despite HTML5 promise, it is still missing some key features as HTML5 does not define ways to control specific hardware features on mobile devices like cameras, GPS devices, and accelerometers.

What Does HTML5 Do?

HTML5 allows data to be stored on a user’s computer or mobile device so Web applications work without an Internet connection.


HTML5 allows Web pages to have flashier type with expanded fonts, shadows, colors, and other cool effects.

HTML5 allows objects to move on Web pages and react to the movements of a cursor.

HTML5 allows interactive games and other apps to run with just a Web browser without installing other software or plug-ins.

HTML5 allows audio to be played without a plug-in.

A technology named WebGL can create interactive 3-D effects using a computer’s graphics processor.

Video can be embedded in a Web page without a plug-in.



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