Gadget News: iPhone 5 Launch in September

Gadget News: iPhone 5 Launch in September

iPhone 5 launch

The latest iPhone was not unveiled at the latest developer conference in June has it has previously done.   We are hearing about continued issues at Hon Hai Precision Co. which assembles the iPhone for Apple and launch is expected by the end of September.   Apparently, the touch-screen devices are so thin, it is extremely difficult install all the components and production yield rates are way below estimates.   The iPhone business accounts for about 50% of Apple’s $25 billion in quarterly revenue.  Continued legal battles with Samsung, gains by Google’s Android mobile operating system, and a rather non significant improvements in the iPhone 5 have us wondering if Apple’s stock price might be next to fall.   The new iPhone will be smaller, lighter and come with eight-megapixil camera.  Nice, but not earth moving.   Apple needs to respond to the speed of new device running Android like HTC Thunderbolt especially given new video functionality announced from both Goolge and Facebook.

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  1. Social Media continues to grow and be fueled by devices like the iPhone 5


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