Gadget News: RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook Review

Gadget News: RIMs BlackBerry PlayBook Review

BlackBerry PlayBook

The PlayBook is an interesting entry into the market by Research In Motion.   The price ranges from $500 for a 16GB version, $600 for a 32GB version, and $700 bucks for the 64GB version.   I am still not a fan of the PlayBook’s native applications and third party apps are still somewhat limited.  

On the plus side, the PlayBook’s size comes it with a 7 inch display, significantly less than the 9.7 inch display on the Apple iPad 2.  At a weight of just under a pound, the PlayBook is almost 30 percent lighter than the iPad 2.  I am not thrilled with the PlayBook’s 3 megapixel front camera and the PlayBook’s rear camer comes in at 5 megapixels. 

Powering the PlayBook is a 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of memory.  The PlayBook lacks a mobile broadband connection which may be released in late summer according to insiders.  If you are a big music consumer, the stero speakers on the PlayBook might just be the best on the market.

The PlayBook runs RIM’s new Blackberry Tablet OS which has a whole new look and feel.  The PlayBook’s swipe-based touchscreen navigation is innovative and intuitive.  Many user report RIMS OS is easier to use than the iPad 2′s iOS 4.3

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