Gadget News: Smart Phone Spying More Than Location Tracking

Gadget News: Smart Phone Spying More Than Location TrackingUnless you have been living under a rock the last few months you are well aware of the contrersy facing Google and Apple around their use or alleged misuse of location tracking data.  In fact, law suits abound from Michigan to Florida demanding companies stop the process or ensure safeguards and clear disclosures are in place.   The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Bejeweled 2 collectes your phone number and shares it with 3rd parties.  Rovio Mobile, the maker of Angry Birds collects your latitude and longitude, your contacts list, and your phone’s ID.   Of course, the list goes on and on, but enter a new breed of Apps we call “Eavesdropper Apps”.

These Eavesdropper apps such as Color and ShopKick, turn on your smartphone’s microphone to listen to background noise and report back to their developers what they hear.   The developers claim this can help them narrow individuals specific locations say within a mall or event.  Of course, everyone says these sounds are not being recorded or sent anywhere.    Talk about about an issues for the privacy folks to debate and harp on.  This one should be fun to watch!

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