Homedics Back Messager Shiatsu

Homedics Back Messager ShiatsuHomedics Back massagers Shiatsu are an outstanding way to help rest the entire body after a tough days and nights work. First of all, if you own one available, you will not need a buddy or masseuse to massage your back. Not just that, back massagers can be used practically every time and wherever you need it. No require to wait for another person else’s convenience. Apart from convenience, it is much less costly in the long run to use a back massager. We all know that specialist massagers can cost a fortune.

So the following obvious question is ‘How does a Homedics back massager work”? The concept is really simple. It is an electric device developed to vibrate while pressed next to the back. The high vibration force will immediately relax the body and muscles. It is able of giving a full massage for the back. In fact it has shown to be an effective substitute for a real massage, done by a masseuse.

This back massagers shiatsu also come in the form of chairs. These chairs will have back rollers as well as a vibrating seat. It is designed to simulate a shiatsu massage. These massaging chairs are a great way to sit back and relax, get a massage, while watching your favorite tv program. These chairs come with other functions such as heat producing features. This added heat can be very relaxing while getting the massage.

Portable massagers will come with additional units, such as spot massagers, which are capable of targeting specific areas of the body, which may require more attention. Prices of portable massagers can vary greatly, from as little as 50 dollars to as high as 300 dollars, depending on the features it comes with. All portable massagers are capable of attaching to a chair for using. These portable units are designed either to use strictly on the upper and lower back or for the neck, shoulders and lumbar area.

This shiatsu massager works great for me. It’s the same shape as the lumbar pads used for officechairs but has the added bonus of shiatsu massage AND heat (I don’t know what went wrong for the first reviewer but the heat works and the shape hits my back just fine). It has the same shiatsu quality as the full back massagers from Homedics but lacks the bells and whistles because of its size and lower price. I like it because I am always leaning over my laptop doing work and this helps get the kinks out.

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Homedics BKK-200 Shiatsu Lumbar MassagerHomedics Back Messager Shiatsu

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