Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 995X of the latest Released the quarter III 2011


Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 995X of the latest Released the quarter III 2011

The existence of processor Bulldozer besutan AMD seems to imply its concern on the part of competitors, Intel. Then as a real inconvenience Intel during, making the main competitor AMD is planning to re-release a CPU LGA 1366 his latest, better known as Core i7 995X Extreme Edition based 6-core processing and capable 3.6 GHz. And this plan was reportedly will be realized into the third quarter of 2011.The latest chips are built using Intel’s 32nm Gulftown architecture and the package is not less than six core processing is supported by the existence of the Hyper-Threading technology as well as the memory of 12 MB L3 caches that share. As previously mentioned, the frequency of operation of the processor has been set for 3 GHz and can reach a maximum of 3, 86Ghz with the activation of the Turbo Boost.On the other hand, basically the chip was also used to have the specifications that are similar to the popular model processor is currently the Intel Core i7 990X, who were both 6.4GT/s QPI links, AVX and supports the SSE 4.2 instructions and memory controller tri-channel DDR3-1066 is integrated. TDP processor program estimated at 130W.On the date when the release is still a puzzle so far. However, when referring to the publication of the official website of Donanim Haber recently, has shown that Intel’s new processor will launch his newest is entering the third quarter of 2011. And the price  was reportedly for $999.

Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 995X of the latest Released the quarter III 2011

Meanwhile, to the existence of the processor Intel LGA 2011 first built on the Sandy Bridge architecture-E high-performance reportedly also will soon be launched into the quarter IV in 2011. And the price is $1000 for LGA 1366 platform EOL like this.Then the question here, why Intel released a CPU with high price just a few months ahead of the launch of the latest chip LGA 2011? Possibly this could be because the Intel itself may be feeling threatened by the presence of a processor AMD Zambezi plan that reportedly also will be released in June 2011. And please note, the processor AMD Zambezi is reportedly even Pack as many as eight core processing with Turbo Core technology support as well as a multiplier that is open.However, it is nothing more than a mere speculation. It is difficult to ascertain the reasons so far. And let the time flows will prove it later.


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