iPad New Meta Service For Video

iPad New Meta Service For Video

Fanhattan TV

New video services seem to be poping up on a daily basis and most seem to offer nothing new, enter Fanhattan for the iPad.   The service currently works with Apple’s iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and the free ABC TV app. Fanhattan is a free service and they donot add fees or pesky ads to their video service.  If you frequenly use your iPad to watch movies or TV, Fanhattan has numerous tools to narrow down your choices, quickly searching for your video of choice, and great cast details, reviews, and plot summaries.   The service also allows you to purchase songs, DVDs, and merchandise related to your selections.  If you want to se the latest in thearter movie, you can even purchase your tickets.

When you make your selection, Fanhattan gives you multiple choice like Netflix, iTunes, etc., and you can stream immediately, rent or buy it.   The app does have a few bugs and a couple of annoying features.   There is no back button, you have to perform a large downward scroll to go back.  When you finish watching your content there is no way to get directly back to Fanhatten.  There are a few annoying disconnects or discovery features as the company calls them.

In the end, it is a pretty cool application.   Download it here.

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