Kal El Chip Tegra NVidia Quad Core Display Sophistication through Game Glowball

NVIDIA promises a powerful capability for chip quad-core Kal-El, which is the next generation Tegra processor that has 4 core CPU with twelve core GPU, and this shows some of the benefits companies at Computex this week 2011. The first is a demo game from a new game called Glowball, running on the prototype tablet Kal-El with the Android OS Honeycomb. As you can see in the following video chip quad-core enables high-quality dynamic lighting effects with the responsiveness that cannot be obtained from the dual core just like Tegra 2.


Kal El Chip Tegra NVidia Quad Core Display Sophistication through Game Glowball

In game Glowball, the idea of the game is to use the accelerometer to move the ball to glow tablets around the area of the game, to hit the trigger which produce points – in the case of this demo, jack-in-the-box – to advance to the next level. The ball itself does not use animated lighting was so aka static but dynamic, where with Kal-El allows the application to calculate the game lighting in real-time, where the light shines through the pattern on the ball and to the various components of the arena. The ball itself can be modified, patterns and brightness modified, and all with a real-time impact on what appears on the game.

There are also elements of dynamic animation looks at the landscape, such as curtain hanging and flying depending on how you tilt the tablet, and vats which moves and reflects when you hit them.


On the last news, chip production of Kal-El later 25-to 30-percent faster than version demo right now, according to NVIDIA, and owner of the tablet with the new chip will be able to test it with this game Glowball where Nvidia expects to release it to the Android Market. Tablet or device Cal-El the first expected later already marketed in 2011.

You can see a video demo of this game using Kal Glowball-Al:



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