Latest PayPal Phishing Scam

Latest PayPal Phishing Scam – Guest Poster: Frank Jovine from

Latest PayPal Phishing Scam


If you are big, you are exposed to the dangers of your site being targeted by cyber criminals. There’s a new PayPal phishing scam flooding email in-boxes, claiming that the recipients PayPal account was suspended due to the following reasons;
  • · Your account is in violation of our terms, policies or guide lines and has been suspended.
  • · We have not received the renewal fee for your account.
The recipient is instructed to click on a link to re-activate their account.
The email purporting to be from PayPal is a fake. The link embedded in the email goes to a phishing web site that collects personal data to be used for unlawful activity and or sold to 3rd party marketers.
This is a common phishing scam and one that pops up often. The fake web sites usually get shut down, but the scammers own many domains and they will just re-engineer and deploy a new web site immediately.
If you come across any email that instructs you to click on a link to re-activate, confirm or update your information, delete the email and go to the source to confirm your account.
PayPal will never send its customers unsolicited emails asking them to provide personal information.
Many of these fake web sites have malicious code embedded in them that spread Trojans and Malware. Be careful and only click on links in an email that you are familiar with.

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