Latest Windows 8 will be Equipped to add an AppStore Applications

Almost all major mobile platforms have the app store and some of the appstore from third parties. This can be diliiat from manufacturers Apple’s recently launched a Mac App Store, Intel AppUp Center for the launch of Windows software, and the latest Microsoft news, there are also plans to include an App Store in the next generation operating system.

However, the app store from Microsoft seem to be also referred to as “Windows App Store,” where Windows is App Store will be integrated into the operating system (SO) Windows 8 later. To access its own App Store on Windows 8 is indeed not much different from the AppStore which is already used on mobile phones are great. There are common features such as toolbars, sidebar, search process, and automatic update.


Latest Windows 8 will be Equipped to add an AppStore Applications

App Store Windows 8 be very simple in their use for the process of operation as well as other like on the Apple AppStore has been successful because it is easy to use.

For Linux itself has been providing long enough this kind of App Store. Repositorinya system has been made to find and install the application is relatively simple in the popular Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE.


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