How To Making Website Using CSS Without HTML?

How To Making Website Using CSS Without HTML?HTML is the main basis for the whole World Wide Web. Without it, the Internet can not now exist. CSS tricks from Mathias Bynens gives us an idea on how to laugh at the page can create the CSS and not HTML.

Remember, this game should not be used for a real site. Mathias in the CSS is not very common to use the two magic tricks. And the flag is not needed, when they automatically lead to, if the browser that they missed. Even if they have not been mentioned, we can call them when the browser is automatically installed in the tank caused them.

Create web pages with CSS, not HTML links to allow HTTP headers, HTTP headers sent by one element, not including their use of HTML code. Use HTTP headers, HTML files we can include stylesheets. Use the link headers, so we can do page, without any HTML code. But the link headers not help support them in addition to all other than Firefox and Opera browsers. Sample page looks like this; view page source (Ctrl + U) and you will find it emp

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