Meego version 1.2 Developed on the Nokia N900

Amanda from has been getting a video duration long enough that informative for half an hour about MeeGo 1.2 Edition Developer/Developer. In the video, he discusses in depth to almost everything you wanted to know about Meego OS 1.2. Although MEego OS 1.2 shown is not the FINAL version for production but the Developer Edition, so it may not be the same as the exact version of the consumer will get but it could be a fairly accurate representation of what to expect when getting to the hands of consumers.


Meego version 1.2 Developed on the Nokia N900

This Video shows him running MeeGo on a Nokia N900, which exposing in hardware, which looks from slow response are shown in the video. You can take the popcorn and drinks while you enjoy this videoMeego version 1.2 Developed on the Nokia N900





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