MOTOROLA V300 All In One PC 23-inch Full HD 3D with a Passive & Multi Touch Screen

MOTOROLA V300 is an all-in-one PC company Korea first and borrowed inspiration design of the iMac but using the expertise of the LG in the display. The 23-inch 1080p led passive 3D glasses that make the price go down but also supports multi-touch and using the screen IPS where accurate color more or less equivalent to Apple. AIO (All in One) this PC can use the LG touchscreen applications on top of the custom Windows 7, along with support for DLNA media sharing via and Intel’s Widi to broadcast video to TV nearby.


MOTOROLA V300 All In One PC 23 inch Full HD 3D with a Passive & Multi Touch Screen

LG is not put on speed and more focus on the size. MOTOROLA V300 can use up to Core i7 but limited notebook 2.5-inch hard drive up to 750 and most high can use Radeon HD 6650M for graphics. But the excess, body only about 0.01 inches thick, or as much as 65 percent thinner than “other leading models,” said LG. does this include Apple not mentioned.

MOTOROLA V300 will be marketed in Korea began in July and will be extended to Asia, Europe and the Middle East later.


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