Asus EEE PC Latest Evolution will be So Super Slim Netbook

A few days ago Asus put up a new teaser for a tablet that will be showcased at Computex in Taiwan next week. Well this time put up posters of the new Asus featuring the next generation of EEE PC.

The company Asus just showing the silhouette and promising the latest laptop from Asus will be “the next evolution of the Eee PC,” and indeed this latest Asus laptop seems to be much slimmer than the Asus netbooks on the market today. Those from Italy found a Notebook photos with more details that appear to confirm that the new Eee PC could be thinnest netbook on the market.


Asus EEE PC Latest Evolution will be So Super Slim Netbook


There’s a hole in the side of the laptop, so thought is that this won’t be a Fanless system with ARM-based chips, but keep the netbook with Intel Atom processor. But that doesn’t mean it necessarily must have a Windows laptop. The Netbook can be designed to run Chrome OS, MeeGo Linux or Android. Or maybe it’s still a netbook Windows 7 with a little cosmetic refresh. We’ll know next week kepastiannya.


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