Review Battle vs Chess, Not Just a Regular Game of Chess, But More Challenging and Fun

I was intrigued by one of the few titles games bearing on the front page of the online game stores sites, titled Battle vs Chess. From the title does look normal and less interesting, but when I watched that game box front cover looks pretty cool and it makes me curious to read the features offered in the game. Finally, the decision was taken to purchase the game Battle vs Chess and I have tried it. Let us refer to reviews of this game under.

Not just the game of chess, the game also offers a campaign mode which can we search the story. The story of this game is quite simple that just tells about the Kingdom of man against the invansi of the Kingdom of darkness or the devil. Aside from fashion campaign and tutorial, we can also follow several other game modes, such as mini games, skirmish, and battleground.

Review Battle vs Chess, Not Just a Regular Game of Chess, But More Challenging and Fun
In a regular game of chess, in which two players face each other and choose one set of 2 sets of chess pieces that are white or black with each set pieces were 16 fruit pawns of chess. Then the player will be alternately pitted tactics and strategies in beating each other over the Board chess. In this game, the game system is similar to a game of chess, but the game finished with new ideas and innovations, such as the pawns of chess that was replaced with a 3D character model, then the animation character, be it as stepping or attack, plus the existence of a Duel mode will we discussed also under it.

Well … the white color chess pieces in this game, described by soldiers of the Kingdom of man with a model of a medieval Warrior equipped with armor, shield, and sword. They consist of knight, paladin, and so on. While black chess pieces are described with the darkness or evil, consisting of witch evil, sentient demons, golem, and so on.
Each stronghold turns to run pawn characters and must only choose one of the pawns are moving character. When the turn we run pawn characters, we live mengeser the mouse pointer and drive on to character pawn is executed. Then when clicking on the character of the piece, we will be very helpful because of the swath of chessboard would appear light that indicates a swath of area are allowed to leave the pawns. Each character has a number of pieces that have been determined which steps follow the rules of the game of chess. With the help of these, this will really help me or other players who lay with the rules of the game of chess.

Review Battle vs Chess, Not Just a Regular Game of Chess, But More Challenging and Fun
Well in a fashion duel, while the pawns of characters we will take the pawns the opponents, then we will go into the screen of the duel. On display will be mengclose up at the two pawns are facing each other and we need to press the buttons that appear and move to appropriate on areas that have been determined, as contained in the Online game Audition or Guitar Hero. If we successfully execute right on the button with the specified area, this will cause the character we are attacking the pawn of pawns the opponents. Speed and precision of the hands is the key to victory in the duel mode. The display on the screen looks like the appearance of the dueling game fighting are where there is a Health bar as well as the existence of a pawn our character combo bar that will give you a more powerful attack to the opponent’s pawns. The duel mode, this game is more challenging and not become a regular chess game which only covered with 3D character models only.

During the following campaign game, there are various levels of the game with different challenges, such as on one level, where we just were 4 soldiers and a King with more number of enemies. Well, we should set the tactics and strategies to be able to protect our King of the enemy and destroy all the enemies there. This is an interesting challenge for me. then on the next level, we are challenged to be able to complete the level with a number of steps that have been defined and this really racking our brains in the finish. Each level of the game have been adapted to the plot we can see, before the start of the fight over the Board chess.

Review Battle vs Chess, Not Just a Regular Game of Chess, But More Challenging and Fun
This Game character renders the pawns in the 3D model with enough details as well as the smooth movement of the animation. Beside that, this game is not just limited to focus on the model of character pieces. But also on the environment game that blends with the chessboard looked luxury with texture color more. So also with the music that accompanied the game sounds quite comfortably over the ear, as well as the sound of footsteps as pawns characters run until the sword back sounds pretty cool. Overall for the visual and audio game is not made with the origin and this adds more points to this game.

My own less so like the game of chess, but with ideas and innovations made by the developers of the game in the Pack the game of chess as a game that is more interesting and challenging, making the game of chess Battle Vs Chess deserves to be taken into account. A Game suitable for the age of teenagers to the elderly, very cool to be played with friends or family in the filling of spare time or when relaxing.

Battle vs Chess
Publisher: Topware Interactive
Developer: Topware Interactive & Gaijin Entertainment
Release Date: 10 May 2011
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, PSP, NDS.

Story of 70
Gameplay 75
Graphic 80
Overall 80

Review Battle vs Chess, Not Just a Regular Game of Chess, But More Challenging and Fun

Review Battle vs Chess, Not Just a Regular Game of Chess, But More Challenging and Fun

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