Review of Crysis 2, one of the best FPS games

Crysis 2 is indeed to be the fruit of the lips are among the current FPS gamer and is the first game to use CryEngine 3 which also belongs to the Crytek Studio. Will Crysis 2 managed to score a success like Crysis before? Let’s check the reviews below.


Review of Crysis 2, one of the best FPS games



The story of this fictional game set in the year 2023 in New York City that was attacked by the aliens so that cause many civilian casualties and the destruction of the city. In this game we will act as Alcatraz, which is a US Marine forces in the city of New York to rescue Dr. Nathan Gould has important information. However on arrival in the city was destroyed, the army of the submersible en US Marines were attacked by an alien aircraft and Alcatraz escaped karna is saved by the Prophet. Then the Prophet who is frustrated with the State itself which has been afflicted by the virus, bequeath his combat high-tech Nano Suit 2 to Alcatraz and then committed suicide. Alcatraz undevelopedness has began …


Review of Crysis 2, one of the best FPS games



This Game has a gameplay that gives the freedom to us in the face of a variety of situations a battle on the game area is indeed losing widely to previous series. However the design of the area is now more detailed and have much higher ground so that we can implement more tactics in attacking the enemy. If it contacts the weapons from the direction of the front, slipped to the side and back, or even from the top to more easily wipe out the enemy.


And please note, the AI enemies in this game is quite clever, they will also be trying to find the best angle to attack us.Even they will also be fire signal to summon reinforcements. But sometimes they look dumbfounded or stuk. In this game, we will be dealing with some of the characteristics of the enemy, such as the CELL that has the sophisticated weaponry and tactics, examples of helicopters, combat car. Then the aliens have a quick and agile movement. And there is also an Alien equipped armor so that we also need heavy weapons for destroy it.

However this does not make the trembling, with the ability of High-Tech Nano Suit 2 used by Alcatraz, make style game be fun. We can use European disc jockeys such as Stealth capabilities that can make us remove ourselves, the Armor can make us immune to bullets, the Visor that can track the position of enemies and weapons and ammunition in the game environment, Power that can make us ran quickly and even jump higher. In Crysis 2 with Nano Suit latest, more simplified control mechanism. As in the key Space to jump will take us to jump higher and so too with the Shift key to running that will automatically be running more toned without needing to activate the ability of Power.


Review of Crysis 2, one of the best FPS games

Penalty shootouts that intense would return found in Crysis 2, we can also take refuge to the various objects scattered on the environment of the game. But keep in mind these objects can be destroyed if fired upon ongoing. In the shelter, we just need to be closer to the object and press the right mouse button to be able to aim and shoot the enemy from behind the object.

features customization of weapons also can still be found in this game is to improve the accuracy of the shot, power corrupted, range firing range with various types of weapon accessories, such as mensematkan sound, binoculars, sharp laser, up to an additional clip of ammunition. In addition, we now can also be mengkustom Nano Suit with several new capabilities, such as keeping track of the direction of the perluru ditembakan the enemy so that we can avoid it, increasing the armor to ease the pain on landing from a height, the mute step foot while running, or accelerate the regeneration of health and energy Nano Suit. To be able to open these capabilities, we need to collect points that can be obtained Catalst Nano with kill aliens.


Review of Crysis 2, one of the best FPS games

One interesting thing again, this game is also a lot of presenting scenes in the game with the style of hollywood. It simply gives a sense of horror to the environmental situation of the game when the Alien, such as invansi when you search the streets of the city of New York that were destroyed, suddenly appear Alien aircraft across the scene above the sky, the subway and the big bounce poses an explosion, building skyscrapers that burned and collapsed to menguncang road. The shake-up in the game simply feels for us because of the screen also rocked.


Review of Crysis 2, one of the best FPS games


One word to the graphics of this game, Wow …
By using CryEngine 3, animation blast with his looks real particles then puddle also looks natural to the lighting effect that also looks realistic. The design of the game area was presented with various kinds of objects that were created to be destroyed and can be diinteraksi, such as tong chemicals that can explode when shot to ATM machines that we can access and spend money. When the game was launched and this article was written, this game is only provided with DirectX 9 just already look fancy. While Directx 11 still in the stage of processing that will promise quality graphics are certainly more amazing and more realistic again. This Game has also been dipaking with 3D features are of course also requires hardware support to be able to enjoy it.



Crytek successfully spawn game masterpiece with CryEngine 3 which not only provides an exciting gaming experience and interesting but also the graphics are really nice in the eyes of the player. For those who’ve played it, must be satisfied and would expect the sequel to Crysis.


Developer: Crytek
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release date: 23-03-2011
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation3

Story 80
Gameplay 90
Graphic 90
Overall 95


Review of Crysis 2, one of the best FPS games


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