Review Total War Shogun 2, weighs the squeeze time and brain.

Like the previous Total War Games, this game combines the kind of Turn-Based strategy game with deep management system like in the game Civilization and Real Time Battle that requires tactics and strategies. Then as far as which development on Shogun 2?


Review Total War Shogun 2, weighs the squeeze time and brain.

Total War Shogun 2
Developer: Creative Assembly
Publisher: SEGA
Genre: Strategy
Release Date: March 15, 2011


Set in the 16th century after the Onin war. Japan is divided into several clan led by warlord and each clan of mutual claims to be the greatest ruler in Japan. Well … our goal in this game is to lead one of the clan to rule the whole territory of Japan.


Review Total War Shogun 2, weighs the squeeze time and brain.

At the beginning of the game we were told to select one of the strongest clan 9 in Japan. among them there are clan Chosokabe, Shimazu, Date, Hojo, Mori, Oda, Takeda, Tokugawa, and the Uesugi. Each clan has its advantages and disadvantages, such as Chosokabe clan who have a strong warrior archers and costs low as well as rekruit have proficiency in the field of agriculture, which of course will increase financial income. As for the clan of Takeda has a formidable Warrior riding with high morals. Unfortunately on the Shogun 2, characteristic of model soldiers from each clan are not excessively looks. That looks pretty differentiate only on color and flag. When compared to the previous Total War include war with some of the country, typical of each country shown in model soldiers.


Review Total War Shogun 2, weighs the squeeze time and brain.


Initially we have only one province of dozens of provinces that are scattered on a map of Japan. From here we start building the foundation of our Kingdom, build the infrastructure of the agriculture and the way to boost the economy. Researching new technology to get a new building or upgrading existing buildings. Then recruit soldiers to keep the territory of the US and the control of the territory of the enemy.
Talking about the territory, in addition to put soldiers to guard the fortress, we also need to put the soldiers to the corners of our territory to keep building our from the enemy. As an example, the enemy can burn building storage crops adjoining the territory of the enemy to mess up the economy and weaken the power of our troops.


Review Total War Shogun 2, weighs the squeeze time and brain.

Because this game is a Turn-Based strategy game, then make a building, researching new technologies, to recruit soldiers, everything is processed based on the number of turn or a turn, which can be diekskusi with the Enter key on the keyboard or clicking a button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Every turn or a turn also represents the changes that will be visible changes on the map of the game. For example when the spring, the surface of the map will be decorated tree sakura with flowers that berterbangan and winter, the surface of the map covered by snow white.


In the create a province, we can set the amount of tax which being pulled, but should not be indiscriminate. Because with interesting tax excessively high, the people will be upset and the mess in our province occurred. Diplomacy was also alternatively to strengthen clan in several ways, such as salahsatunya give tribute. Then we can also create our families, such as making the children as the sole heir to the clan we or in a relationship of fraternity with the other i.e. married child clan by clan alliances that are considered inappropriate.


Review Total War Shogun 2, weighs the squeeze time and brain.

When the two camps clan hostile face each other in the map of the game, then the war was inevitable. Before the start of the war, we can see the power of the number of enemy soldiers began to type soldiers. In this game, not necessarily the number of soldiers most definitely win the battle. Because the right tactics and strategy as well as being the decisive victory in the battle. And this becomes its own pleasure for us while winning the battle with the soldiers who were lost to the enemy.


In applying tactics, we can make use of the environment and the capabilities of each type of soldier by placing soldiers archers on the plateau to get the range that is more distant or concealing the soldier into the forest to create the surprise attack that can lower the morale of the enemy soldiers so easy and the remaining soldiers were quickly wiped out will attempt to escape. The fight is not only taking place on land, but also includes the battle above the sea by using warships. In addition to fire arrows and firearms, warships can also be docked to the enemy ships then soldier boards a ship to go to war over the ship.


In Shogun 2, leaders and generals of the war have given deep personality as heroes. Which won a battle, they would get point experience to open their skill on the skill tree is available. In addition, they also provided the reputation or the rank specified in the number of stars as well as the level of royalties that are also important to note. What would we if his generals defected clan …


Review Total War Shogun 2, weighs the squeeze time and brain.

It is a very nice graphic on Shogun 2, but it should be terbayarkan with a pretty high specification computers. Kedetilan this game looks at the environment of war to soldiers in the amount of many though still look fine. As an example of the thousands of small arrow menghujam to the front of the camera is still visible detail and soldiers who were in the ship, also seen active with a flurry of them.
Then the animation characters also look fine as they pitted the sword of the samurai and archery look natural. Music in the game also provides a point more to this game. The music is dialunkan of the traditional instrument that sounds fit the atmosphere of the game. As the war came a rapid rhythms and strains of uplifting the fight as well as the passion play anyway.


End of a Word, the Shogun 2 not only rely on the name of the large Total Wars. This Game has undergone many developments and improvements that established themselves as the best strategy game, which can make the player spend long hours sitting in front of a computer screen. And is not recommended for the gamer that loves the game strategy, less may be frustrated and quickly get bored with this game.


Story 80
Gameplay 90
Graphic 80
Overall 95


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