Seidio ACTIVE Display for iPad 2


Seidio ACTIVE Display for iPad 2


One of the iDevice accessories manufacturers with a Seidio, is rumored to have just been rolled the casing ACTIVE his latest destined for the iPad 2. The Casing itself offers reliable protection against shock without compromising the functionality of the lead tablet.This casing size reportedly 33% lighter than casing its competitors with the same number of protection and are able to provide the operation of a lighter for the users of the iPad 2.

Apple redesigned the iPad 2 with the look of thinner and lighter which allows for more portability, so We know the consumers who want the casing that fits with this increase, “said David Chang, CEO and founder of the Seidio.”Through our innovative engineering and the use of high-quality materials, we were able to develop a compact and lightweight casing for the complete redesign of the iPad without sacrificing protection and functionality that are reliable “, adds Chang. Casing consists of two layers, namely the polymer light that was in it to absorb the shock and the hard exterior skeleton to add protection on the angles and sides of the iPad. According to the Seidio own, “The user will feel confident can maintain their active lifestyle in the iPad 2 they carry around without fear of damage and additional weights not needed on their innate”.As shown in the image above, this somewhat versatile casing.


According to the maker, just like the cover (cover) Intelligent besutan Apple, casing ACTIVE could also be positioned up to 15 different viewpoints. Seidio ACTIVE to iPad 2, provides for: the design of the thin, up to a weight of 33% lighter than casing with a samaPerlindungan reliable protection level against the shock given by two layers of connected each lainPenutup (cover) to protect the screen and are capable of Versatile repositioned to be standing with 15 viewpoints berbedaSebagai part of the product line casing ACTIVE besutan Seidio, ACTIVE to iPad 2 has “created for the active and need personal protection for mobile devices that it owns. With a good eye, the casing of this one looks looks so professional “.For those interested, it can order the Seidio ACTIVE to iPad 2 is online at the official site in here. Price is 69.95 USD.


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