Skyfire 4.0 For Android Updated with additional features


Skyfire 4.0 For Android Updated with additional features


With the rapid development of the Android platform as of late, practically making many vendors turn to producing software and hardware specifically destined for greatness besutan Google platform. To coincide with it, Skyfire has just announced his newest release of Skyfire 4.0 For Android. Mobile application this popular browser brings the latest flavour with a variety of new features equipped ideal, including choice of personalization to Skybar toolbar, and much more.There are about eight new features that were added to the mobile phone browser, and one of the features contained in the application version premiumnya (not free) is the activation of the video features based on server Skyfire based cloud.Skybar Toolbar features in this release has now been adapted and integrated full Twitter, Groupon, Google Reader, and so on. While the feature Video optimization browser will be available for $ 2.99. But for users who have been a customer of Verizon can download it for free.


This Browser can be found through the V Cast apps in Android Market here is a complete list of the latest features of Skyfire 4.0 For Android:


Customizable Skybar, IE toolbar Skyfire is now configurable and expandable, as well as allowing the user to make it fit their own desires. With Skybar can discroll this, the users now have access to the fourteen features of Skyfire and have the ability to enable, disable and place the position of each button that they deem appropriate.


Twitter, i.e. fast access with a single touch of the Twitter stream via Twitter button available. Tweet, search, and checking with the Twittersphere without leaving the browser Skyfire (and also able to watch videos together on Twitter with just a click away).


Groupon, i.e. the existence of the Groupon, users can perform quick checks on daily transactions at any time.


Share, i.e. ease of sharing sites, articles, pictures & video with the existence of the Share. Previous features can also be accessed through the menu of Skyfire.


Google Reader, i.e. the use of the Google Reader button to set the & keep the feeds from your favorite sites. Google Reader makes its users keep recognizing continuously checking your favorite news sites and blog users to new content.


Sport, the News & Finance, namely three new buttons have been added to the Skybar to bring access once the touch to the latest events.


Settings, i.e. the existence of the Settings that can simplify labelling button Customize. This feature is used to activate, deactivate or put position features SkyBar desires of its users.


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