Sony Ericsson txt pro with QWERTY and Walkman Phones Mix

Sony Ericsson Walkman phone that looks Mix is almost exactly like the SE WT18i (China-model only), so we will probably see a similar specs on this mobile phone include specification of the CPU 800 MHz, the screen 3.2-inch HVGA, 3MP camera with VGA @ 24 fps video.


Sony Ericsson txt pro with QWERTY and Walkman Phones Mix

For Sony Ericsson txt pro, it looks like the Xperia pro judging at a glance there are but the Sony Ericsson blog post explicitly says this is the second mobile phones to market low end so surely both of them are not the same hp. Txt pro and Mix seems to have a lot of similarities so most likely its specifications are also similar.

Do not know other details surrounding the second info of this phone.




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