The New Boot System In Parted Magic 6.0


The New Boot System In Parted Magic 6.0


Do you have problems booting? If so it is, it looks like it’s time You need to think of an alternative application capable of handling all the issues you face.Of the many utilities that, Parted Magic was the one who may be very notable and widely used to handle various problems booting. For those of you who haven’t quite familiar, then it’s worth to immediately try its reliability.Happen to all those who want to try it out, the article recently has been to present the latest release of utilities. Enter the version 6.0, there are reportedly some structural changes of the underlying. One such change is a much improved system boot so that it can be rewarding to drive out intruders who entered into the system. “If you ever have problems booting with Parted Magic, this is the version that You have been waiting for. Handling kernel has really been done filling. This is the reason why the latest version has been released, “says Patrick Verner.”The modules Kernel, udev, and firmware have been moved to initramfs (root filesystem that is embedded in the kernel). The boot Menu with a nice graphics that we’ve used over the years it has been removed by one of the very fundamental reasons. Many laptops and notebooks cannot start menu complex.

A number of major and minor bugs have been fixed as well, “he explained.Parted Magic is updated about once a month. This time it took about two months. Update-an his own is from February. It dikarena the existence of a deeper change in architecture at the time.And note together, Parted Magic is a business-card operating system based on Slackware Linux, with a program that allows you to repartition the hard disk easily. Programs like Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, ddrescue, and good documentation will help you in Your partitioning chores. Parted Magic is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). (Please go to for visiting the official website)

Here are the following features of Parted Magic 6.0:
· Linux kernel;
· Cryptsetup 1.2.0;
· LVM2 2.02.84;
· Nwipe 0.03 – downgraded;
· Util-linux 2.19;
· Udev 165;
· Btrfs-progs 20110327;
· Glibc 2.1
· JFSutils 1.1.15;
· Usbutils 002;
· XFSprogs 3.1.4;
· Squashfs 4.2;
· SimpleBurn – downgraded;
· BusyBox 1.18.4;
· Memtest86 4.20;
· NTFS-3 g ntfsprogs 2011.4.12.


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