Tips on How to Eliminate and Remove Acne Scars Naturally

Tips on How to Eliminate and Remove Acne Scars Naturally If you had a problem with acne scars on your face and want to remove and eliminate this here are some tips on how to eliminate remove your acne scars naturally.

  • The most important thing and we must do to be free of acne whose name is always diligent in cleaning the face, especially for oily skin, especially after doing outdoor activities. Usually dust containing impurities will descend to the face. Clean with a cloth or a clean towel after washing your face, because bacteria like to place a moist and warm. Do not use bare hands, because the same is lying if using hand: D.
  • Avoid / minimize eating foods that contain sugar (sugar), brown (chocolate), and nuts as well as spicy foods, oily and fatty foods. Such foods will interfere with blood circulation in the body, so detoxitasi process can not proceed smoothly. Usakan diligently consume vegetables and fruit. Basil and parsley (parsley) can also be trusted to treat acne from inside the body. For the fruit, can consume apples because they contain antioxidants.
  • Diligent exercise. Because the exercise, the body heat will open the pores of the face and took out their droppings. The explanation is this, when we exercise then our blood circulation will be smooth and detoxitasi process will run regularly, so the blood, dirty blood in the body can be wasted.
  • Drinking water (mineral water) to taste.

If possible, meet the advice of doctors with the consumption of mineral water 8 glasses per day. Because according to a reliable source, with exercise and drinking water regularly make acne reluctant to appear. Of course accompanied by no.1 points of the face and body to maintain cleanliness. : D

  • Avoid stress.

According to many sources that I read, one of the triggers of acne is due to stress. So if you want to get rid of acne or prevent it appears, as much as possible avoid stress. Enjoy aja again, enjoy life!

  • Wearing a mask of papaya

Try to make papaya mask to remove acne naturally. Way, mashed ripe papaya (can add lemon juice), and use for maskeran. Allow to dry. Then wash with warm water. Better to be done before bed. Papaya mask, other than get rid of acne naturally, also have efficacy eliminate blackheads and prevent facial dull. Actually there are many natural mask composition that can be used to eliminate acne. For example, tomato and cucumber face mask, the way of tomatoes or cucumbers, thinly cut, then let stand at sekitar skin 10-15 minutes.

  • Do not squeeze pimples

Not even recover, but instead could cause black stains and pockmarks on the face.

  • Diligent bowel movement at least 1 time per day

Apart from consuming fatty foods, minds, acne also arise from the disposal of non current assets. As we know that the dirt / feces that contain substances that waste must be removed from the body. Well, if not perfect then discarded waste substances will accumulate in the body and result in providing additional toxins to our body. And toxins that accumulate into one of the triggers of acne. In order to defecate (BAB) smoothly we can eat fibrous foods and fruits like papaya. Believe me, because I can these tips from my elementary school teacher who as a teenager jerawata and have tried many ways of eliminating jerarawat, but after wearing these tips acne can be lost. : D

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