University of Minnesota Research Team Applying Xbox Kinect For Medical Purposes

University of Minnesota Research Team Applying Xbox Kinect For Medical PurposesKinect technology that is usually used for interactive game play, seems to have now shifted from the actual function. With regard to this, the team of researchers from the University of Minnesota has just reportedly has introduced their findings related to new ways of using these Kinect motion tracking system. From their findings, it turns out Microsoft’s technology could be used to measure the various symptoms of disorders in children, creating a more objective way to evaluate and detect problems in children such as autism, disorders due to lack of attention and obsessive compulsive disorder.

The team itself consists of a number of specialists in different fields such as medicine, science and engineering, and education and development of college student in Minnesota, United States.

They have received a grant of 3 million dollars (about 30 billion dollars) derived from the National Science Foundation in order to further develop diagnostic methods based Kinect they do.

So far, the evaluation for medical problems that have been made by specialists using videos of children is related to the action and talks with her parents. Alhasilnya, by using this Kinect it could eliminate some of the subjectivity of the existing processes and make them more accurate.

Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos, a member of the team, also has stated that currently it is ready to help to provide the tools needed to support the related psychiatric evaluation of mental disorders. It is also very satisfied with what has been done for this team because thanks to technology that is destined for the gaming industry could actually produce more accurate research. And another great, this can be done more quickly than what was planned in advance.

From what has been done so far, the use of Kinect itself can be ensured security. Therefore, parents need not worry with the existence of sensors that are used Kinect could disrupt their children. With the use of this medical system was able to save costs over 100,000 dollars (about 1 billion rupiah) per evaluation.

Kinect product from Microsoft is reported to have sold more than 10 million units since its launch last November 2010. And this spring, Microsoft will also soon launch the Software Development Kit for PC. Related to that, the existence of open source drivers PCs in use today has actually adapted the method Kinect to play a variety of existing games, like World of Warcraft, and controlling various devices through gestures.

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