Via launched Latest Quad Core Processor

VIA announces launch of new QuadCore processor, quad core processors with most power needs on the market today. QuadCore processors are 64-bit native compatible and comes with a number of additional performance features including Adaptive Overclocking cache, 4 MB L2, 1333MHz Bus and V4. TDP 27.5 watts.  At first the speed available is 1.2 + GHz.


Via launched Latest Quad Core Processor

The processor VIA the latest quad core is built using 40nm manufacturing technology and using the package VIA NanoBGA2 of 21mm x 21mm with size 11 mm x 6 mm. die Processors also include support VIA VT virtualization technology and VIA PadLock Advanced Cryptography Engine. QuadCore processors are fully pin-to-pin compatible with the VIA Eden, VIA C7 and VIA Nano E-Series, and the processor VIA Eden X 2.


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