VIA Nano E-Series X2 Processors

Chip maker VIA has launched a new version of the X 2 processor called X 2 VIA Nano E-Series. This processor has a core chip 64-bit dual core designed for embedded systems. In other words, you probably won’t find the E-Series in a netbook or tablet sometime soon, but it can be used on television, set-top-box, POS (cash registers), or other commercial or business environment.


VIA Nano E Series X2 Processors


VIA Nano E-Series X 2 will come in the 1.2 GHz and 1.6 GHz model. The second chip is built using the design of 40nm and Windows Embedded Standard 7 support, Windows CE, and Linux. pin-to-pin Chip compatible with the chip VIA Eden, Eden, C7 and X 2, VIA Nano E-Series that allows the developer to switch to this new chip without hassle.

VIA will provide examples of the new processor to customers now, and hope the system that uses Nano X 2 E-Series to enter the market in the second quarter of 2011.


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