Video Games for reliable physical therapy for children


Video Games for reliable physical therapy for children


Do you know if video games can serve as a sophisticated physical therapy? Yes, regardless of the actual function as fillers free time friend in the game, users recently video games have been transformed into a manifestation of the physical therapy for children. All of this can materialize, no thanks to the hard work of a group of doctors and engineers of the Shriner’s Hospital and at Rice University in developing a platform video game that will be used to teach how to run specifically for disabled children.Known as Equiliberator, the game combines the Wii Balance Board lined throughout with hand pressure-sensitive. Rail and Board balance is connected via Bluetooth to track the movement of patients throughout the therapy performed.

Children in therapy told to watch the game on the screen that are before them. From the look of the video game that is intertwined in response to the child such as if the world diterapi get rid of that nasty monster by moving step on the part of the balance Board. In a certain level, this game is the longer will be increasingly hard so so hopefully can help improve balance and coordination on the child. Although currently the project is still somewhat new, but the idea and the implied idea of the project containing a good benefits Moreover, the dear wish that for physicians to pass up. Video Games is one of the fun and intuitive ways to reach out to children. And along with advances in technology, video games have been made more useful with the existence of a system like Equiliberator as a means of medical value.



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