Yahoo Buzz service will be discontinued


Yahoo Buzz service will be discontinued


Well, it looks like the month of April was the month that is decisive for both the giant the world’s largest internet service provider at this time. The reason after Google busy with deletion of old accounts and content for the sake of integrating some of its services, it seems that Yahoo also doing the same thing by stopping the services yahoo!Buzz as one competitor to Digg, it’s quite surprising if service Yahoo Buzz will soon be discontinued. Yahoo itself has announced the discontinuation of the service since some months ago. And these new services site reportedly will no longer operate effectively began on April 21, 2011. “Yahoo! Buzz will be discontinued on April 21, 2011. On this date, you can no longer access the site Yahoo Buzz. And this is a difficult decision.

However, with the termination of this will help us to focus on key strengths and our latest innovation “, says Yahoo. this announcement has actually been circulated a few weeks ago, but it seems this termination process takes so reasonable that since the far-distant day Yahoo already publish his announcement to its users. At least in addition there is a little time to reminisce, also might be able to know how large the public concern over the popularity of Yahoo Buzz over this.

Yahoo Buzz launched in 2008 as a social news aggregator. After some long running, apparently never mind how many users have access to these services! Buzz so kepopulerannnya kian dimmer.Late last year, Yahoo continues to struggle with the restructuring that is still ongoing. And eventually the company decided that it was time for Yahoo Buzz to immediately terminated! “services.”Part of streamlining our organization involves cutting the investment We have bad performance or product without priorities for more focused emphasis on strength and innovation of our new funding in the next year and beyond, “said Yahoo at the time, pretty much what it says right now. “We continue to evaluate and prioritize the portfolio of products and services, as well as planning to close some of the products in the coming months as Yahoo! Buzz, Traffic our API, and others. We will communicate more specific plans are if necessary “, he said.


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