Yahoo Search Direct new feature displays the “answers” the Instant Search Box below


Yahoo Search Direct new feature displays the answers the Instant Search Box below


Yes, Yahoo launched a new product this may make yesterday You are interested in. This product is not a new concept, but it seems useful to the users loyal Yahoo.


Today at a press event in San Francisco, Yahoo announced the launch of a new product called ‘ Search Direct ‘. This feature looks very much like Google Instant: where is the moment you start typing a query into Yahoo Search, the site will start showing results corresponding to each of the new characters are added (in other words, you don’t have to press the button ‘ back ‘). This feature is now active at


Google Instant, of course, has done something very similar since September. But Yahoo says that Search direct is looking to help users comply with the “answers, not links”. When you start typing, a small square widget will slide to the bottom of the search text box and rich results when available. For example if You – do a query for “Kobe”, and you’ll see quick details Kobe Bryant basketball player statistics such as average statistics season 2010-2011. Or try searching the word weâ will display info about the weather.


Google Instant also shows rich results whenever possible, but Yahoo Search direct seems faster, because it does not display the entire page.


Asked about how this compared to Google’s IM, Yahoo SVP of Search Products Shashi Seth said “their products very different/Gogole. We focus on providing answers, not links. Google Instant focused on providing more links, more quickly. Not the answer. We believe the next generation search regardless of whether it’s on the web or mobile, they are looking for answers, not links “I suspect Google does not agree with this statement, as the search giant has been increasing the number of results that are” rich “. display results in addition to the normal ten blue links.


Asked about how Yahoo results so soon, Shashi says that it is generated by the infrastructure that is completely different from the server to normal search. the infrastructure was “significantly less” – Yahoo is using about 15 categories of data, but said ultimately can expand to include “hundreds of categories”. Some of the categories on this point: sports, music, celebrities, weather, news, shopping, local.


Yahoo will add new features by allowing advertisers to embed images or videos in the right pane (run a query to the Gap, and you may see a YouTube ad for a gap in the area of content rich). That seems to defeat the purpose (if I expect a rich, contextual results, I don’t want them to be completely replaced with ads), but it sounds like Yahoo is still experimenting with this.


Shashi says that this feature will also eventually be available on the iPad, where they say it would be very useful. But at the moment not yet available and will look different when that happens the launch.


Yahoo EVP, Chief Product Officer Blake Irving says although Yahoo outsource part of its search efforts, we still know that search is important. This is important for the customer, and it is important to us. Microsoft Search and algorithmic backend. But he said that freeing Yahoo engineer to work on other improvements. He also mentioned that you may see this appear on sites outside of


Some other notes:

Yahoo did not want to enter the Facebook results into pencarianYahoo experimented with introducing further search features, display results based on what your friends have been searching for/berbagiQ & A has rolled back to the Google Instant several times. Shashi admits that Google has actually been trying to incorporate the results of the richer exceeds 10 blue links, but said that Yahoo will give you results rich for a number of questions.Irving says “Many” people working on pencarianSejauh integration of other sites, Irving said that algorithmic push data from the backend Associated Content, licensed content, and original content from Yahoo’s own site (third party publishers will also be adding their data).Yahoo plans to bring the experience of Search direct elsewhere, though plans still vague at the moment. Shashi says Yahoo hopes that users can be integrated into the browser chrome and search box elsewhere on the web


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