Gadget News: Nokia Lumia 900

Gadget News: Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

The Gadget News feature this week is on the Nokia Lumia 900.   With about 1% of smartphones using the Microsoft operating system, something significant needs to happen for Microsoft to become a real player.   The Nokia Lumia 900 features Windows Phone 7 interface, ultra-bright organic LED, and is 4G LTE-capable.  At $99 this phone is priced to move.  It supports office suite which may pull in a few suits.   With Windows 8 on the horizon we could expect to see integration with Skype.   The question remains is there room for a 3rd operating system in a market that has left the station?   Time will tell, but for now, the Lumia 900 seems to be a nice step forward and worth of a Gadget News call out.

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