Google’s Google Glass

Google’s Google GlassGoogle’s Google Glass: Google Glass, I would describe them as smart glasses. I know someone who works at Google and I have seen a Google Glass myself, I didn’t try on one but I saw someone with it on, and From what I was told the glasses have a HUD (heads up display) built in to glasses that allows you to take pictures, surf the web and more, on a side note they said they want to at some point use it to display a GPS “path” right on the ground that you can fallow If you are walking or driving a car. They are working to get Glass to work with voice commands and head gestures for controlling Glass. I was told the proper name is “Google Glass” not Google Glasses so that’s what I will be calling them. I’m hoping my Friend at Google could get me one : ) but if not I will wait and get my own Glass when the public can buy them. This is by far my favorite gadget out there but it is expensive however in my opinion it is very much worth it. I will keep you up to date on Google Glass as I get more info.

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