Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo YogaThe Lenovo Yoga, is a Windows 8 Ultrabook that I like a lot, (and I am using it to make this review) it has two USB drives, a headphone in, an SD card slot, a built in camera, and an HDMI out. The Lenovo Yoga gets its name because it can fold into a tablet hence Yoga. However in “tablet mode” the keys may fall off (My page-up key fell off and I haven’t made it to Best-Buy to get a new one.)  The Lenovo Yoga has a touchscreen, and that is very helpful, but it gets dirty fast so you need to clean it often. In my opinion it is a good personal computer, but not a good business computer. The main reason I find people dislike this computer is because of windows 8, so if you can stand windows 8 this is a good computer (windows 8 is only good on touchscreen), and I would definitely recommend it as a personal computer.

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