The Luminae from Translusense

The Luminae from TranslusenseThe Luminae from Translusense: I am going to go outon a limb and say I believe this is the keyboard of the future. It looks like something out of SIFI, I saw their booth at CES and was amazed by it. Basically it is a glass keyboard that reacts to touch and it can be illuminated in 16 million brightness options and it is infinity customizable to how ever you want your keyboard to look. You only need one look and you will want one. I will be trying to Beta test this so I can give you more accurate info, so if my buds at Translusense are reading this hit me up on Twitter @Bstemmle the Luminae Keyboard+ and Touchpad+ are the coolest things I have ever seen and years ahead of their time! You can find them at

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