The Plantronics Voyager PRO HD

The Plantronics Voyager PRO HDThe Plantronics Voyager PRO HD: The Voyager PRO HD, Voyager for short is the most advanced Bluetooth headset I have seen on the market. You can answer a call just by placing it on your ear and switch to the phone speaker just by taking of the Voyager. You can stream music to the Voyager from an android and iPhone. This is a $100 headset but you can easily find them for $55 witch is very good because personally I’m not going to spend $100 on a headset. The Voyager is classified as a “behind ear” type of Bluetooth headset and this kind are apparently the most comfortable, right now I use the Motorola H710 but I’m going to get the Voyager because my Motorola is a “over the ear” not the most comfortable, and this thing can’t stream music. I’m Going to Get this and you should to, Find out more about the Plantronics Voyager PRO HD at the Plantronics website

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