The Sony 4K TV

The Sony 4K TVThe Sony 4K TV: The 4K is a TV that is 4 times as HD as a normal HD TV. If you get one that is 84″ (diag.) the pixels are 3,840 x 2,160. Sony has a 4K camera and a 4K projector I saw the 4K at CES and HD will never be the same.  To explain just how HD the 4K is you can see every vain on a flower. The 4K can also do 3D and it is incredible, they had a game console plugged in and they were using the 3D to play 2 player Co-Op in full screen, not split screen! Two players, one TV, and full screen, I have never seen anything like it. I could stand there looking at this TV for hours but let’s talk price the 4K is $24,999, yes that is very expensive, however once you see one in person if you still aren’t ready to get one you should know that the 4K comes with Free delivery and in-home set-up so you don’t need to worry about doing something wrong and braking your new TV. The 4K also comes with in-home consultation so you get it installed how you want it, as well as membership to Sony’s exclusive Concierge program, and you can never go wrong with the included  3-year limited warranty and personalized technical support. Now you should head over to the Sony website and get this revolutionary TV for yourself, just in time for the super bowl!

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